About the Competition

Welcome to The Best of New England Wine Competition. We believe that the best of New England wines and related beverages dovetail ideally with the locavore movement, and can and should be supported by the fine wine trade as appropriate to serve with fine local cuisine. We also plan to have this competition act as a vehicle for publicity to the trade and the regional and food and wine media.

In addition to showcasing the quality and versatility of 100% New England wines and related beverages, The Best of New England Wine Competition aims to remove the tendency of high alcohol, low acid, highly oaked wines from warm regions to dominate competitions by removing that bias with a level playing field for New England entries that share the bright fresh fruit flavors and crisp acidity of the region that are also sought after by connoisseurs.

The Best of New England Wine Competition will promote the competition and its results with the wine media and plans to have an event for the media and trade in which silver, gold and double gold medals from the competition will be eligible to be served to them at the event,