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Welcome to The Best of New England Wine Competition. We believe that the best of New England wines and related beverages dovetail ideally with the locavore movement, and can and should be supported by the fine wine trade as appropriate to serve with fine New England cuisine.


Medal-winners featured at a new festival: The purpose of the Best of New England Wine Competition is  to identify high-quality producers of New England craft beverages in the above categories, so that they have the opportunity to bring and pour them at a New England craft food and beverage festival planned for May 2019. The trade, media, and the public will all be invited, so that they can all discover the quality and relevance of these beverages to their own interests.

Publicity: The results of the Best of New England Wine Competition were published in the New England Wine Gazette, Spring 2017, The Cork Report, 08/2017, Richard Leahy’s Wine Report and an hour-long presentation on the competition and top medalists in the annual American Wine Society conference, 11/17.  This and additional exposure is planned for results of this year’s competition.

For the second year in a row, medalists in the Best of New England Wine Competition qualified to pour their wines at a dedicated table at the Welcome Wine Reception of the Eastern Winery Exposition, the largest production wine industry conference and trade show east of the Rockies. Above, Howard Bursen, winemaker for Sharpe Hill Vineyards in Pomfret, CT, pours his Summer Rose for conference attendees on 3/6/18.

In addition to these benefits, The Best of New England Wine Competition aims to remove the tendency of high alcohol, low acid, highly oaked wines from warm regions to dominate competitions by removing that bias with a level playing field for New England entries that share the bright fresh fruit flavors and crisp acidity of the region that are also sought after by connoisseurs.