2018 Medal Winners

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Best of Category winners from the competition

Winery/co. Name Vintage Medal Best of Category Best in State
Shelburne Vineyard Marquette Reserve 2015 Double Gold Best Red Best in VT
Sunset Meadow Vineyards SMV Enchanted Apple 2016 Double Gold Best Fruit Wine Best in CT
Copper Beech Winery Massabesic Rose NV Gold Best Rose
Greenvale Vineyards Cabernet Franc 2012 Gold Best in RI
Hermit Woods Winery Deep Blue Reserve 2015 Gold Best Specialty Wine
Hermit Woods Winery Petite Blue 2017 Gold  Best in NH
Hermit Woods Winery Winnipesaukee Rose 2017 Gold
LaBelle Winery Blueberry NV Gold
Sharpe Hill Vineyard Dry Riesling 2016 Gold Best White Wine
Sharpe Hill Vineyard Cabernet Franc 2013 Gold
Shelburne Vineyard Iapetus Subduction (100% Marquette, wild Ferment) 2016 Gold
Hermit Woods Winery Hermits Blue Cider 2017 Silver Best Cider
Snow Farm Winery Vidal Blanc Ice Wine 2016 Silver Best Dessert Wine
Appolo Vineyards Dragonfly Red 2015 Silver
Copper Beech Winery Country Crabapple NV Silver
Flag Hill Winery La Crescent 2016 Silver
Lincoln Peak Vineyards Black Sparrow 2016 Silver
Maquam Blueberry & Pure Vermont Maple Syrup Wine 2017 Silver
Neshobe River Winery Stone Mill Cuvee NV Silver
Shelburne Vineyard Celestial Louise (Louise Swenson) 2016 Silver
Shelburne Vineyard La Crescent 2016 Silver
Shelburne Vineyard Louise Swenson 2016 Silver
Shelburne Vineyard Capsize White Silver
Shelburne Vineyard Marquette 2016 Silver
Shelburne Vineyard Duet 2016 Silver
Snow Farm Winery Vidal blanc 2016 Silver
Snow Farm Winery Naked Mermaid 2016 Silver
Snow Farm Winery Crescent Bay Red 2016 Silver
Snow Farm Winery Late Harvest Vidal/Vignoles 2016 Silver
Squamscott Winery Noiret Novello 2017 Silver
Winterport Winery crackling cranberry NV Silver Best in ME
Appolo Vineyards Brianna NV Bronze
Appolo Vineyards Dragonfly White 2016 Bronze
Appolo Vineyards RED ONE 2017 Bronze
Flag Hill Winery Rose 2016 Bronze
Flag Hill Winery sparkling cranberry/apple NV Bronze
Greenvale Vineyards Greenvale Dry Vermouth Non-Vintage Bronze
Hermit Woods Winery Knot Sap Mead 2016 Bronze
Lincoln Peak Vineyards La Crescent 2016 Bronze
Lincoln Peak Vineyards Marquette 2016 Bronze
Prospect Hill Winery Edelvira 2017 Bronze
Prospect Hill Winery St. Croix 2016 Bronze
Prospect Hill Winery Valley Mist 2016 Bronze
Sharpe Hill Vineyard Summer Rose 2016 Bronze
Shelburne Vineyard Marquette 2015 Bronze
Snow Farm Winery Seyval blanc 2016 Bronze
Sunset Meadow Vineyards SMV Root 63 2017 Bronze
Winterport Winery cranberry NV Bronze